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  Martin A. Dege

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\'\' On the 30th of July 2009 (Thursday), at 13:00 to 17:00, in the Botanic Garden of Vilnius University in Kairėnai, the closing gala concert of the 3rd international summer art academy "Art Baltica 2009" will take place. This is the final of a 10-day creative marathon, at which participants of the project – Lithuanian and Turkish pedagogues-performers and pupils of Kuršėnai Children Foster Home – will share their impressions and findings with pupils of Vilnius foster home "Visos Lietuvos vaikai" (Children of Lithuania). You are welcome to join them and persistently strive for realization of your dreams in Lithuania instead of leaving abroad. We would like to express our gratitude to our sponsors and supporters: participants of the A. Karalius’ project “Atkaklumo galia 2009" (The Power of Persistence 2009) (Association "Džiaugsmo aitvarai", "Super Menai" team) for their assistance in organising the necessary ideological, non-commercial project "Create in Lithuania".

How to get to Kairėnai? See map.

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