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Create in LT: Art Baltica    

Create in Lithuania 2010

\'\' \'\' The Baltic State & Baltic Sea region countries have many talented and creative people on the one hand but very limited possibilities for self-expression and cultural support on the other. One of the main prospective ideas of the project is the establishment of structures stimulating self-thinking, intercommunion and self-rule among Baltic, Baltic Sea region countries and other European young people in order to enhance consciousness and responsibility of the young generation for its national cultural future. Since 2006 we are running the social integration project for young talents – the International Summer Academy “Art Baltica”, cycle of creative industries, sound labs, exhibitions and concerts “Let’s create in Lithuania”. This year, the 4th international summer academy "Art Baltica 2010" will again take place within the framework of the project “Let’s create in Lithuania”.

Each year, different trends of art, education, international development cooperation (the help of Lithuania deaf children to deaf children of Africa), and psychology are combined, and spaces for artistic self-expression are created in Lithuania. Our programmes provide for an opportunity to artistically form a full-fledged personality of a child or an adolescent, and help socially vulnerable people. Young people have an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with specialists of different fields, meet talented and creative contemporaries and like-minded thinkers. Not everybody is able to see or hear the world, but people with eyesight or hearing disability are very sociable and contaminate everyone with their spiritual strength and persistence.

"Let’s create in Lithuania" is an opportunity given to socially responsible business organizations and specialists in different field to reinvent themselves, and gain new experiences while socializing with people from a different environment. It’s becoming a real intellectual and art product for national festivals and events. The education focuses on classical music, tactile graphics, visual arts and healthy lifestyle for young artists and performers. Since we consider our visitors as unique professionals with particular skills, we would like you to invite to take part and to contribute your personal intellectual input for the ART BALTICA 2010-2013. Pedagogues of music and visual art, IT technologies and Leadership will share their own experiences at the master classes and workshops. Participants of the “Art Baltica 2010”: Pupils of SOS children villages and Lithuanian children foster homes (aged 15 to 18); Participants and laureates of the artistic self-expression contests; The ensemble of Panevėžys Principal School for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing "Percussion of the silence”, Blind people with eyesight disability and their relatives; Good at arts youth from different regions of Lithuania; Consonant families who consider to care of foster child; Acclaimed, honorable, noble-hearted persons pedagogues and performers; Members of the Association of Lithuanian Artists and participants of the International water colors plenary workshop; Association of art lovers "Youth of the Future"; Residents and visitors of beautiful city Klaipėda. Due to the very wide range of persons with different talents and competences who are invited a very strong interdisciplinary and fruitful exchange in between all participants will come along very naturally. This exchange we consider among all other objectives as one of the most important goals of our International project.


  Art Baltica: Larisa Pavlova and her feedback about LT and young talents
St. Petersburg, Russia. 21st of August, 2010
  Art Baltica 2010: Health School with DAINIUS KEPENIS
30 July 2010, 15:00-18.30.
  Art Baltica 2010: ARTŪRAS DOVYDĖNAS, Participant of The Millennium Odyssey
Impressions and more information on the contribution of Lithuanian yachtsmen in the commemoration of the millennium anniversary of the State of Lithuania.
  Art Baltica 2010: Painting and Graphic Art with Valdas PUMPUTIS and Emilija PUMPUTIENĖ
Pedagogues at Klaipėda Eduardas Balsys Gymnasium of Arts
  Create in Lithuania: Works by the participants at the Sea Feast |2010-05-21|
"Residents of Klaipėda, refresh your city park!"
  Create in Lithuania: Seminar for those, who wish to teach the blind and people with eyesight disability  |2010-05-08|
The seminar is intended for parents, teachers of and people working with children with eyesight disability
  Exhibition COSMOGONY by the ethnic painter Virginijus Kašinskas |2010-02-10|
(Lithuanian Mythology, Kaunas, Lithuania)
  Create in Lithuania: A Touch of Angels to the Nevėžninkai Chapel  |2009-12-31|
Civil cultural heritage protection action to commemorate the Day of the Defenders of Freedom

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