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Create in Lithuania: A Touch of Angels to the Nevėžninkai Chapel

Civil cultural heritage protection action to commemorate the Day of the Defenders of Freedom

13th January 2010, 12 am to 3 pm 

”A Touch of Angels to the Nevėžninkai Chapel”
Civil art action organised in Naujamiestis parish (Panevėžys district)

In 2004, the famous historian Petras Juknevičius wrote: “Nevėžninkai is one of the oldest locations in Panevėžys region. It was already mentioned in historical documents in the XIV century, and archaeological findings witness that people were living there even much earlier. The later history of Nevėžninkai is concurrent with the estates. What has left of this historical location?“.... Surviving Nevėžnininkai sanctuary is now being brutally demolished by our fellow-countrymen...

St. Matthew Parish (Naujamiestis, Panevėžys district), together with the NGO “Culture Artfact”, invites active and bright people of the region to join their forces for the purpose of preserving what we still can preserve. Having united our forces, we will try to attract attention of politicians and businessmen to our region’s unique value: Nevėžnininkai sanctuary that is important to bothresidents of Panevėžys region and people of culture, aiming at adjusting this place for public needs. The civil art action is a pert of the continuous international project “Create in Lithuania”. Everybody who is not indifferent to the ongoing vandalism is welcome to join us!


• Representatives of Lithuanian Cultural Heritage and honourable guests
• Panevėžys ordinary bishop J. E. Jonas Kauneckas
• Priest of Naujamiestis parish, reverend Algirdas Daunys
• Renata Laučkienė (artist, Ėriškės Culture Centre)
• Jūratė Vadapalienė (author and creator of lace works, Naujamiestis)
• Pupils and teachers of Naujamiestis secondary school
• Margarita Rimkevičaitė Technology School in Panevėžys
• Ateininkai (members of the “Future Federation”) of Panevėžys region
• Youth Centre named after Reverend Alfonsas Lipniūnas
• People of culture and bright people from different regions of Lithuania
• Eičiūnai children and youth centre
• Other


Everyone who is willing to join the action, enhance their knowledge in the fields of history, literature, and cultural heritage protection and contribute with their hand-made works are welcome to register before 6th January 2010.
Contacts: e-mail: or GSM: 8 659 69 211



12:00 - 12:45 Holly Mass and consecration of the chapel;
12:45 - 13:15 Welcoming word, introduction of honourable guests, speeches by historians,
                         officials and public actors on the location; photo-shooting at the endangered cultural heritage site;
13:15 - 14:00 Presentation of works by artists Renata Laučkienė and Jūratė Vadapalienė (Panevėžys region);
14:00 - 14:30 Presentation of literature works by young authors of Naujamiestis and Panevėžys;
14:30 - 15:00 Singing patriotic and national songs at the fire.
                         Delivery of the application developed by all participants to the officials.


NGO “Culture Artfact” (Vilnius)
Reg. number 300146129
Acc. LT 737300010091815353 with AB Swedbank
Goal of the support: Social, educational and cultural activities (including cultural heritage art actions in Nevėžninkai).

Et. Matthew Evangelist Parish in Naujamiestis (Panevėžys district)
Reg. number 191260756
Acc. LT297040060002721784 with AB SEB BANKAS
Goal of the support: Restoration of the tower of Naujamiestis church


Et. Matthew Parish in Naujamiestis
NGO “Culture Artfact”

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