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Create in LT: Art Baltica    Create in Lithuania 2010    

Create in Lithuania: Seminar for those, who wish to teach the blind and people with eyesight disability

The seminar is intended for parents, teachers of and people working with children with eyesight disability

“Developing Drawing and Tactile Drawing Comprehension Abilities in Blind Children:
Methods and Facilities”.

Speaker - DIANA RAUDONIENĖ, doctoral student of Vilnius Academy of Art


Knowledge obtained at the seminar will help people working with blind children to develop the ability of depicting with the help of graphic facilities, as well as understand images and other graphical information created using such facilities. The seminar will also provide the participants with some knowledge and skills to help them make different visual-graphical facilities necessary for the teaching process and suitable for tactile comprehension.

Teaching someone to depict things with the use of graphic facilities and understand imprints of the objects developed with the help of such facilities like maps, schemes, other graphical and visual material is very important for the formation of haptic dimensional skills in blind children and the development of their intellectual abilities. For a blind child, drawing becomes an excellent mean of self-expression and communication, as well as helps to develop the ability to comprehend graphical information. Abroad, different graphical materials adapted to tactile comprehension are used widely in teaching people with eyesight disability, as well as in the fields of leisure and household, since they provide such people with more self-dependence while obtaining some information that cannot be transferred in the verbal form (or if, while transferred verbally, it looses an extensive part).

For the development of tactile graphic materials comprehension to succeed, specific knowledge and skills are needed in order to prepare and use such materials. Currently, no teaching programme exists in Lithuania to help pedagogues working with children with an eyesight disability to gain such specific competences.


The programme has been developed on the basis of literature by foreign authors and practical experience of the developer of the programme gained in the field of teaching children with eyesight disability. Materials provided within the framework of the programme reflect the most recent trends in the field based on academic publications and surveys by pedagogues, psychologists, etc. The programme should catch the interest of both pedagogues and parents of children with eyesight disability.

Participants will get acquainted with the principles of creating tactile graphics and gain knowledge on its application in educational activities.

Competences gained will help to:

1) Develop the ability of creating, depicting with the help of graphical facilities, the communication through drawings with the blind child;

2) Develop the child’s ability to understand and interpret graphical images;

3) Supplement educational materials used in the process of teaching different subjects.

Six hours (theory and practice)

\'\'Diana Raudonienė is a doctoral student of Vilnius Academy of Art. The topic of her doctoral thesis is Tactile Graphics.
In 2006, she organised an exhibition “Linen and Wood. Graphic Professionals of Vilnius to People with Eyesight Disability” in Vilnius Library for the Blind.
In 2007 and 2008, she took part in the international summer art academy "Art Baltica" (organised by the NGO “Culture Artfact”). She gave lessons of tactile graphics to children with eyesight disability. From 2006 to 2009, she worked at the Developmental Centre for the Blind and People with Eyesight Disability as an art teacher, had extra-curricula classes “Fundamentals of Tactile Graphics”.
In 2008, she organised an exhibition of works developed during the classes “Touch Don’t Look".  In 2008, she conducted the study “Developing Illustrative Materials for Fine Art Lessons: Creating an Effective Tactile Composition" (materials were presented at the exhibition of methodical facilities for special schools PPRC Vilnius).
In 2009, together with Lasuc history teacher A. Jagminaite, she developed a collection of historical maps (for the 12th form).

Odetė Abromavčiūtė, E-mail: 00370 659 69 211

Support to organisers (amount to be agreed)
Pedagogues will be issued certificates of attendance.

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