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Create in LT: Art Baltica    Create in Lithuania 2010    

Create in Lithuania: Works by the participants at the Sea Feast

"Residents of Klaipėda, refresh your city park!"

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Klaipėda Culture and Recreation Park
Pušyno Str./ H. Manto Str., bus stop “Klaipėdos Universitetas”

Friday, 30 July 2010, 13:00 to 17:00

A presentation of art projects developed at the
4th international Summer Art Academy ART BALTICA 2010 at the "Sea Feast".

Patron of the Event

(to be announced soon)

* Pupils of SOS children villages and Lithuanian children foster homes (aged 15 to 18),
* Participants and laureates of the artistic self-expression contests;
* The ensemble of Panevėžys Principal School for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing "Tylos perkusija";
* Blind people with eyesight disability and their relatives;
* Good at arts youth from different regions of Lithuania;
* Consonant families who consider to care of foster child;
* Acclaimed, honourable, noble-hearted persons pedagogues and performers;
* Members of the Association of Lithuanian Artists and participants of the International Watercolour Plenary Workshop;
* Association of art lovers "Youth of the Future";
* Residents and visitors of Klaipėda.

* Concerts;
* Exhibitions;
* Improvisations by new and mature talents;
* Creative workshops;
* Charity action through the auction of works by famous artists (the collected funds will be allotted to refresh the part;
* Initiatives by residents of Klaipėda, Lithuanians from all over the world and the Baltic States (e-mail:

Information to people of good will, foundations and socially responsible business organisations
by Ms. Odetė Abromavičiūtė, the initiator, initiator and manager of the traditional project of artistic self-expression and social integration “Create in Lithuania” organised by the NGO “Culture Art Fact.

This year, the 4th international summer art academy "Art Baltica 2010" will again take place within the framework of the project “Create in Lithuania”. Each year, different trends of art, education, international development cooperation (the help of Lithuania deaf children to deaf children of Africa), and psychology are combined, and spaces for artistic self-expression are created in Lithuania. Our programmes provide for an opportunity to artistically form a full-fledged personality of a child or an adolescent, and help socially vulnerable people. Young people have an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with specialists of different fields, meet talented and creative contemporaries and like-minded thinkers. Not everybody is able to see or hear the world, but people with eyesight or hearing disability are very sociable and contaminate everyone with their spiritual strength and persistence. "Create in Lithuania" is an opportunity given to socially responsible business organisations and specialists in different field to reinvent themselves, and gain new experiences while socialising with people from a different environment.

You are welcome to join our creative team, and contribute to the successful and positive history of Klaipėda Culture and Recreation Park. We believe that art programmes developed at the "Art Baltica 2010" will enrich the opening of the Sea Feast, and its participants will rejoice at meaningfully crowned creative activities, the joy of discovery and unlimited opportunities.

Coordinating partner in Klaipėda: the initiative group of "Klaipėdieti! Atgaivinki savo miesto parką" ("Residents of Klaipėda, refresh your city park!"), the Municipality of Klaipėda District, UAB FMG Vilnius, A. Dovydėnas’ "Kreiserinio buriavimo mokykla" (Cruising Sailing School), Lithuanian-German Forum, Faculty of Arts of Klaipėda University, VVDVK (LT), UAB Ars Liberalis (LT), UAB Ermara Translator & Interpreter Centre (LT), Public Institution "Psichosocialinės ir darbo integracijos centras" (Psychosocial and Labour Integration Centre), MND.

Yanos International (NL)
Maisto bankas (LT)
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Bank details for sponsors:
NGO "Kultūros artelė" legal entity number 300146129
Acc. LT 73 7300 0100 9181 5353 with AB Swedbank, bank code 7300
Purpose of support: implementation of initiatives of the 4th international summer art academy "Art Baltica 2010".

Project initiator and Director:
Odetė Abromavičiūtė, GSM: +370 659 69 211

Project Coordinator in Klaipėda
Jolanta Norkienė, GSM: +370 686 85 468

NGO Culture Art Fact
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