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Create in LT: Art Baltica lectors for blind people

\'\' LARISA PAVLOVA is a blind artist. She lost her eyesight in her 8 years. Around the same time, she began to take art/drawing lessons from the famous Russian artist Yurij Aleksejevich Nashivochnikov, who invented many techniques of drawing by blind people. Since 2005, Larisa is a member of the Artists Union of Russia in the graphics section and the Association „Free Culture“. She is a winner of the international prize „The Philanthrop“ among people with disabilities, and participated in many exhibitions. Draws pens and pencils on whatman paper in pencil on the fabric, clay on cardboard, is engaged in scratching on splendorlyuksu, embossed on the foil, draws on the ceiling tile. Her works are bright, colourful and cheerful.

\'\' DIANA RAUDONEINĖ is a doctoral student of Vilnius Academy of Art. The topic of her doctoral thesis is Tactile Graphics. In 2006, she organised an exhibition “Linen and Wood. Graphic Professionals of Vilnius to People with Eyesight Disability” in Vilnius Library for the Blind. In 2007 and 2008, she took part in the international summer art academy "Art Baltica" (organised by the NGO “Culture Artfact”). She gave lessons of tactile graphics to children with eyesight disability. From 2006 to 2009, she worked at the Developmental Centre for the Blind and People with Eyesight Disability as an art teacher, had extra-curricula classes “Fundamentals of Tactile Graphics”. In 2008, she organised an exhibition of works developed during the classes “Touch Don’t Look". In 2008, she conducted the study “Developing Illustrative Materials for Fine Art Lessons: Creating an Effective Tactile Composition" (materials were presented at the exhibition of methodical facilities for special schools PPRC Vilnius). In 2009, together with Lasuc history teacher A. Jagminaite, she developed a collection of historical maps (for the 12th form).

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