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Create in LT: Art Baltica    Create in Lithuania 2010    

Create in LT: at the Botanical Garden of Vilnius University in Kairėnai

\'\'\'\'On 22 July 2010, the 4th International Summer Art Academy „Art Baltica 2010“, a component of the project “Create in Lithuania!” and initiated by the NGO „Kultūros artelė“ will be presented at the Botanical Garden of the Vilnius University in Kairėnai. At the Academy, young artists and performers are united by public spirit and creativity. Various new spaces for artistic self-expression accessible for everybody are provided.

For ten days (23 July - 1 August), the participants of the Summer Art Academy taking place at a resort near the Baltic Seaside will improve their skills with the assistance of well-known Lithuanian and foreign pedagogues, professionals of relevant spheres and lecturers. The special guest of the 4th International Summer Art Academy will be Larisa Pavlova, an artist from Sankt Peterburg (Russia). The artist will share her experience with the vision-disabled participants of „Art Baltica 2010“.

The programme of the presentation of the 4th International Summer Art Academy „Art Baltica 2010“:

03:00 pm     Presentation of the 4th International Summer Art Academy „Art Baltica 2010“ to representatives of the
                    public and press;

03:30 pm     Impromptu creative workshops for everybody who wishes to work with Larisa Pavlova;

04:00 pm    Participants and guests of the event will get the opportunity to see the collection of plants at the 
                   Botanical Garden; a guide will accompany them;

5:00 pm      Participants and guests will be able to watch filmed moments of the Summer Art Academy „Art Baltica 2009“ 
                   and listen to classical music by young Lithuanian performers.

Please, register for your participation in the creative workshops via mob phone 8 659 69 211 or by e-mail:  If you register in advance, you don’t need a ticket for access. The price of a ticket is 7 Litas.

Some data on Larisa Pavlova (Sankt Peterburg, Russia) who will visit Lithuania for the first time

\'\'Larisa lost her vision at the age of eight year. However, her parents paid a huge attention to her all-round education. Losing her vision did not prevent Larisa from learning to paint and to adopt secrets of arts from Yury Nashivochnikov, the famous Russian artist and talented teacher. In 2005, Larisa Pavlova joined the Union of Russian Artists and was awarded with many honourable awards. In her works, Larisa applies various techniques and unexpected means: she draws with gouache on paper, with pencils on textile or with plasticine on cardboard, forms images on sheets of aluminum foil, polystyrene plates, „Splendorlux“ paper and so on. Frequently, the artist takes part in expositions as well as in international art and education projects for vision-disabled persons.

You are welcome to create and stay at the splendid historic Botanical Garden of the Vilnius University in Kairėnai.

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