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Art Baltica: Larisa Pavlova and her feedback about LT and young talents

St. Petersburg, Russia. 21st of August, 2010

Travel is always of interest and gives a lot of positive emotions. And when the journey is connected with the things you love, what could be more beautiful?

\'\'\'\'My nice impressions already started on a train, which struck with its amazing purity and good attention to servicing. Lithuania itself also made a favourable impression. Small green cities, friendly people, smooth roads, a calm and happy atmosphere, and some even retain families of knights, which gives the country its special colour. I was very touched that in Kaunas there is even a museum for the blind. However, the most striking impression was the lively and sincere interest in my creative work and the methods of drawing for the blind that I wanted to share. Like every mother that likes others‘ interest in her child, I am very touched by even the tiniest interest in the things I do. In Lithuania, I felt that interest in such quantity that I think the memories will warm my heart for a long time.

In drawing blind friendships I have only known their creativity and to a lesser extent other works of blind artists. At those rare occasions when I manage to come in contact with a blind child attempts to master this, till now unknown art form, and take great excitement and joy and curiosity. For a while, this kind of creativity for the Blind is only beginning to catch a glimpse. In Lithuania, I had the rare opportunity to engage with a blind girl. Unfortunately, we had only a few days, not months or even years when it was possible to achieve good results. But even those few days were a real celebration. I was amazed at the freedom with which Loreta painted.

I was impressed by the feeling of what Loreta Taluntytė invested in their work. When in the first drawings Lorete had some difficulties to connect lines, showing that flowers do not hang in the air, and grow from the earth, then with each new drawing, those errors went away. I was surprised how easy Loreta caught the technical nuances. If an outside observer might say that she was not graceful, he is very, very mistaken. After all, it drew a girl who had never seen getting lost on the worksheet. When I suggested Loreta making a drawing on armour, it turned out that she did not know how it looked like. For example, Diana, drew a quadrangle on another sheet. And here Loreta showed her vivid imagination. She did not repeat her drawing, but every quadrangle was impressive and rich. The Plasticine sea and the sun still shocks me with its unforgettable expression and life. Not every artist can convey so much feelings in any of his works.

I would to tell more about a few pictures of other children. I did not teach them to how to paint, but only showed the techniques I use.

The first work is the mountain drawn by Miglė Liucija Dabrilaitė. It became something amazing! The mountains of Miglė came true, vibrant and very texture ... hard to put into words my impression. Let me just say that I wanted to try to do the same mountain. I`m not sure that I got it. It is wonderful that everyone can express oneself in its own individual way! It´s great that everyone and his work is unique! This is surprising that one and the same method looks differently when used by two different people. Even as I write this, I am seized with a sense of belonging to something mysterious and majestic.

Another work is the foil by Vitalijus Vorobej, I was told that it was made on the basis of one of my works. But when I saw this work, I had a clear sense that his work was in all aspects better than mine. The song in it is flawless and the texture is rich. Above all, I was struck by a sense of warmth that emanated from this work. Vitalijus is a real talent. And I really hope and wish that Vitalijus will develop his talents fully and give the world many wonderful works!

Finally, I want to tell about the little girl Svajonė and her two works. The fungi/ mushrooms from clay and composited with flowers and a beetle on the foil. Svajonė decided to do while looking at my mushrooms. However, this was not an ordinary copy of someone else’s picture. It was a completely self-harmonious and interesting work. Svajonė is an 8-year old girl. Up to the age of 8, I could see. I remember that I was only able to copy not very complex drawings of other people. But Svajonė did not only copy but created her own, completely finished, very neat and very nice pictures!

I want to thank Odete and Dijana who organized for me and my father such a wonderful and unforgettable trip! I think a sense of celebration is always accompanied by my memories of Lithuania and of the people whom I met there!

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