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Art Baltica 2010: Cinematography. Film-Maker and Director JUSTINAS LINGYS

31 July 2010

Justinas Lingys (*1960)

In 1998, he completed his master studies at LMTA and gained the Master of Theatre Art degree. In addition,he attended several trainings abroad (Poland, The Netherlands and Denmark). Having completed his studies at LMTA, he started staging performances at professional theatres, making feature films, documentaries and video films, and developing different cognitive, cultural and occasional TV shows. He also wrote several articles, scenarios, and organised art exhibitions. From 1996-2002, he worked at the Lithuanian National Radio and Television as senior editor, producer and director of cognitive and educational shows.
Cureently, Justinas Lingys works with authors of different cultural projects.

1994 3rd Place at the Student Film Festival in Lodz (Poland) for his film “ SIENA”
1997 Best Debut Award at Lithuanian Music Video Clip Contest ”Labas-97 ”
1998 GRAND PRIX and the VI International Television Festival in Warsaw (Poland) for the documentary ”Dvi Aldonos".
2003 Grand Prix Laureate at the Contest announced by Lithuanian Radio and Television Commission for the documentary “Mediniai Lietuvos dvarai”.

Žemaitiški eilėraščiai.

Raktas į ateitį (2010) - Director
"The film “Raktas į ateitį“ (Key to The Future) tells the story of life and work of the Western Lithuanian and Prussian historian, mythologist, ethnographist Matas Pretorijus Klaipėdietis. The scientist who lived on the seaside of the Baltic See, in multicultural environment wrote about the old nations, the lands they dwelled in, their cities, castles, feasts, religions, language, and traditions. The manuscript “Prūsijos įdomybės, arba Prūsijos regykla” (Matters of Interest in Prussia or Prussian Viewing Point) in 18 volumes written by Petronijus stayed in the archives for over 300 years before a small part of it was published for the first time only nowadays (in 1999). According to film-makers, it could become the key to the past, and once we get to know it better, we can unlock the future. Unfortunately, today one can hardly remember the name of Matas Pretorijus, and the fundamental work of his life is known to a very narrow circle of humanitarians only. No portrait of Matas Pretorijus has survived, and we don’t know the place he was buried in. Will we ever evaluate, how much can we lose and how rich can we become if we get to know things?"

Beržoras (2010) - Director
Pasijutau lietuviu esąs (2009) - Director
Tikrovės pinklėse (2008) - Director
Lietuva. Anapus ir šiapus laiko (2005) - Director / Cameraman
Nuskendęs pasaulis (2005) - Director
Platelių dvaro paslaptys (2005) - Director
Vėlka merga (2004) - Director
Augantys miestai (2003) - Director
Mediniai Lietuvos dvarai (2002) - Director
Atlaidai (2001) - Director
Kryždirbystė Lietuvoje (2001) - Director
Miestietis (2001) - Director
Senatis (1999) - Director
Trys Aldonos (1998) - Director
Dvi Aldonos (1997) - Director
Alponinas (1996) - Director
Siena (1994) - Director
Laikas nenusakomai brangus (1992) - Director

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