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Art Baltica 2010: ARTŪRAS DOVYDĖNAS, Participant of The Millennium Odyssey

Impressions and more information on the contribution of Lithuanian yachtsmen in the commemoration of the millennium anniversary of the State of Lithuania.


\'\'\'\' "I am proud, I love and respect Lithuania, for the small nation is able to make it very famous!" A. Dovydėnas

Meeting with participants of "Art Baltica 2010" took place on 30 July 2010

At the meeting, Artūras Dovydėnas shared his impressions from the journey, experiences of reality, memories about his school and conditions of learning.  A. Dovydėnas is the founder of his own Cruise Yachting School.

He sailed on the Baltic, Northern, Adriatic, Aegean and Mediterranean seas, Atlantic Ocean, the Bay of Biscay and La Manche Channel, water zones of The Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Sweden, and Finland, as well as the domestic waters of Lithuania.  He expressed his love to the homeland by participating in the Millennium Odyssey and wished to contribute to the implementation of the idea of the Lithuanian yachtsmen society with his works instead of words.

Artūras Dovydėnas was a crew member during the Almeria - Lisbon - Dublin – London trip (12-24 May 2009). According to English statistics, crossing the Bay of Biscay is safe in June only. And if one endeavours crossing it earlier, the risk of facing a storm is 90%. In the Atlantic Ocean, fogs of spring-cold water are formed in May. Moreover, the foggy La Manche is known for very intense navigation and strongest in the world tide gulfs influenced by the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Northern Sea on the other. Gulfs (up to 9 knots) and heavy waves, many ships in the fog, whirlpools caused by sunken rocks required from the craw extraordinary keenness of wit, concentration of attention and yachting mastery during the entire stage.

A New Journey Ahead:
Historical mission to repeat the journey of Mikalojus Kristupas Radvila Našlaitėlis, a nobleman of the Grand Duchess of Lithuania, to the Holy Land. The route of Artūras Dovydėnas will be similar to his, though he will omit Jerusalem and Palestine due to the difficult situation there.

He is an active participant of social events and meetings with children and the youth.

Photo gallery:
2010.07.30 Giruliai (Klaipeda district)

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