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Art Baltica 2010: Personal Development School. DONATAS BRIKAS

29 July 2010, 10:00 - 12:00

Effective Pursuing of Goals. Influence of Emotional Intellect on the Way to One’s Goals.
Add passion to your dream, make your dream meaningful, overcome all obstacles and enjoy the process!

Donatas Brikas, businessman, investor, manager of
He is currently focused on "success technologies" and the successful development of seminar organization business.

* Owner of the Personal Development School
* Co-owner of Internet projects
* Curator of the personal development club "Tobulėjimo kelias" (Šiauliai)
* Member of the public speaking and leadership club "Toastmaster Club Šiauliai"
* Student and partner of the International School for Investments and Finance (ISIF)

Objective of the seminar:
Inspire people to set goals excelling one’s current abilities and become worth one’s goal. Provide knowledge and practical tips on how to maintain chosen direction under unfavourable circumstances.

During the seminar you will get to know:
* Goal-setting and importance of goals.
* Why certain goals remain on the level of dreams?
* Importance of emotional intellect when pursuing goals.
* How to overcome obstacles on the way to one’s goals.
* Development of self-confidence.

Outcome of the seminar:
During the seminar you will gain motivation to pursue the most important goals of your life you have set for yourself. You will learn to overcome emotional obstacles and effectively pursue your goals with the use of certain techniques.
The project was established in July 2009. The initiator of the project is Donatas Brikas. The school operates all over Lithuania. The project is intended for people, who wish and pursue personal development. For people, who wish to create happier and wealthier life for themselves.

The School’s motto is Success is Your Choice.
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