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Art Baltica 2010: Music and Sound Therapy withu DIANA DAINYTE URIBE

29 July 2010,

Humanity knows the ability of sounds to calm people down, heal, gather, communicate, and warn, etc. for ages. Soldiers used sounds on their way to the battlefield to gain courage and energy, mothers sing to calm their children and make them fall asleep, religious chants make believers coming closer to their God, and some nations use sounds to scare malignant demons away.

Whatever our religion and values are, everyone recognises that sounds can be used to calm down or excite, help concentrate or on the contrary. We all agree that sounds help us socialising without words, and that intonation, rhythms and melodies can reflect emotions.

Primeval natural sounds help us to express and set our inner self free, get rid of stress, accumulate energy, focus when solving problems or when we are caught by an ailment.

Sounds are also used as a non-verbal way of communication in group or team-building workshops. Participants find new ways of communication in a safe, pleasant and playful environment, and build new interpersonal relations.


Graduated from M.K.Čiurlionis secondary school and Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy majoring in music studies.
At the age of 19, she realized that all knowledge about music would be meaningful if she would get involved in music therapy.
The topic of her diploma thesis was “Music and Soul in Western European Culture. The Aspect of Music Therapy".
Having graduated at the Music Academy, she entered into relations with the Witten Herdecke University in Germany, where music therapists are trained. She spent a year in England and Scotland as a volunteer for the organisation “Community Service Volunteers”.
In 1997, she established the Lithuanian Association of Educational Music Therapy that soon started cooperating with the Norwegian Music Therapy Association. Thanks to this cooperation, Diana’s dream came true in 1998. She left to Norway for music therapy studies at Sogn og Fjordane higher school, where, in cooperation with Oslo Higher Music School, music therapists in the western part of Norway were trained. At the time being, the studies have been moved to the Grieg Academy at Bergen University.
In 2000, she graduated from two-year Nordoff and Robins’ creative music therapy studies in Norway. In addition to abundant practical music classes, she gained some knowledge in the fields of psychology, psychiatry, neurology, special pedagogy, etc. She chosed writing her thesis on “Music Therapy in Rehabilitations”, as at that time she already had plans to settle in Lithuanian seaside area of Klaipėda.
Since then, she took part in different projects, lectured at seminars and workshops, and substituted for music therapist at Klaipėda Psychiatry Hospital for 6 months.
Since 2008, she is interested in the sound therapy and attended classes organised by the studio "Menas būti" (Vilnius) and Tomas Czartoryski seminars.
Diana is a member of the Lithuanian Music Therapy Association, takes part in its activities and keeps on gaining experience at different seminars and conferences.
She gained administrative work experience and team work skills while she worked for the National Commission of UNESCO in Lithuania, participated in the EU programme “Youth for Europe” and headed the Klaipėda branch of the Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Lithuania and an ethnographic ensemble.


Everyone willing to take part in educative seminars of the blind artist is welcome to register in advance by e-mail: or phone: +370 659 69 211

Active participant fee (boarding and accommodation for 10 days) – LTL 690.00
Passive participant fee (7 days without boarding and accommodation) – LTL 190.00
Boarding – LTL 16.00/day
One-day creative laboratory – LTL 30.00


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