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Create in LT: Art Baltica    Create in Lithuania 2011    

Cultural tourism programs were presented at an international fair inUtrecht

\'\' On 11-16 January 2011, Utrecht city (the Netherlands) hosted an international tourism fair “Vakantiebeurs 2011”. Representatives of the Netherlands and Lithuania paid particular attention to visitors of the fair, presenting Lithuanian and Georgian identities and cultural tourism possibilities. Lithuanian and Georgian identities were presented at the fair by Yanos International Social Fund and Lithuanian partners Keliautojų klubas (The Travellers Club) and NGO Culture Artfact. Four thematic programs on Lithuania and one on Georgia were presented by the Yanos Reizen booth. For more information thereon, go to the newly developed website The official booth of Lithuania was hosted by representatives of the State Tourism Department and tourism information centres of Klaipėda, Molėtai and Druskininkai.

Considering additional needs of visitors of the exhibition, NGO Culture Artfact also presented its traditional education and social integration project for travellers, who are willing to know Lithuania better: “Create in Lithuania: The International Summer Art Academy “Art Baltica 2007-2013“. The 5th anniversary creative summer in Lithuania will take place at the end of July 2011, on the seaside of the Baltic Sea.

Mr. Adrian J.H. Korver and Ms. Odetė Abromavičiūtė, developers of cultural programs who have taken part in the fair, believe that their programs developed for those who are visiting Lithuania not for the first time will open the door to the world of deeper cognition of cultural heritage, ethnology and spiritual values, and will put the visitor in the role of an interactive creator instead of a passive observer. Attractive and authentic art programs and high quality service in Lithuania have caught interest of hundreds of people who have travelled to the Baltic Sea region before. Yanos Reizen booth was attended by famous Dutch cultural professionals, actors, authors of books about the Baltic States and representatives of the Baltic States. Photo Gallery.

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