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In Memoriam Adriaan Johan Hendrik Korver

18.07.1947 Amsterdam – 08.02.2012 TIlburg

Translation by Monika Spijker
\'\' The NGO „Kultūros artelė“ (Vilnius, LT) and foundation „smARTroots“ (Rotterdam, NL) announce with great grief the demise of Adriaan Korver, co-worker and co-founder of NGO‘s, Maecenas of social-cultural integration projects, independant advisor of the health care system. This patient man, erudite and energetic teacher ended his cosmopolitan mission on earth on February 8, 2012 in the hospital of Tilburg after six complicated major surgeries, whereafter he developped some unexpected complications. The bright memory of his person will linger in our harts for a long time to come and his meaningful works leave behind footsteps and advise and will further inspire his co-workers. Impressing was the geografical aspect of Adriaan Korver‘s carreer. He offered his advice in the countries of Europe (Armenia, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Tchech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Rumania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia ir Ukraine); of Africa (Kenia, Madagascar, Sudan,Zambia); Suriname and in Asia (Afganistan, Jordania, Kazakhstan, Kirghizstan, Pakistan, Tadzhikistan and Yemen).

The science doctor Adriaan Korver was unique because of his intelligence, his approach to work, his susceptible mind his excellent memory, his keen sense of humor, his diplomacy, his respect for all living things, his unfading energy and dynamics, his caring and responsibility, his endless will to share gathered experiences and everything that gives a person joy, and the fact that he never could keep still. He never lost his idealism, always tried to make a better future. Deep was the love Adriaan had for Lithuania, for its up-growing generation of patriots. While he worked on a misson of health care he not only spoke gladly with his Lithuanian colleagues and Government Representatives of different departments, but also found time to get to know the regional culture, the traditions and the native cuisine. He took an active part in public meetings, made an advertisement film clip, went to concerts by professional musicians and took a lively interest in the works and lives of performing artists. When speaking of Lithuania in the Netherlands he constantly mentioned the names of Lithuanian composers, especially that of Vidmantas Bartulis and his „Requiem“ (a piece that was performed at the „Vilnius Festival“).

Adriaan Korver left some important footsteps behind in the Lithuanian cultural society, first of all by forming an innovative cultural policy, and also by establishing the foundation „Yanos International“ in the Netherlands, a partner of many years to the NGO “Kultūros artelė“. When he went away he promised to come back. However, he came back not alone, but with 180 music lovers – the Royal Male Choir of Breda and an impressing fan club. Adriaan, having gathered the most positive and spicy historical facts, acted as a guide in the Dutch language. It‘s a pity that by burocratic uphold he did not succeed in publishing a booklet, but all „Flying Dutchmen“ were handed the complete information that was gathered, material about Vilnius and other impressing Lithuanian cities.

The Male Choir of Breda (which was then under the direction of conductor Marcel verhoeff) gave some impressing concerts in collaboration with the best performing Musicians of Lithuania and Poland in the churches of St. John and St. Bernard; more than once it took part in charity projects and in order to help Mrs. Nijole Galiniene they got to know the Child Care Home in Kuršėnai, where they not only performed Dutch and Lithuanian songs, and saw plays, but where also the sounds of hammering, clogs and the rustle of paint brushes could be heared. As it turned out the singers with their golden hands were also builders, painters and home decorators. A fresco painted by Theo Mellis, depicting the Great Church and the Male Choir of Breda will be a constant reminder of those memorable events not only to the new children of the Child Care Home, but also the young people that already begun their own independent existence.

It is therefore that the first cultural Tourist Programme was organised and of which the „Traveler‘s Club“ guided by Gražina Endriuškaitė) became a concrete example of the forming of cultural tourism and the social integrational policy in Lithuania.

We rejoyced in the resulds of our fruitful combined actions with NGO „Kultūros artelė“: a project that was comprised in the programme „Vilnius - Cultural Capital of Europe 2009“ and that rendered us from Brussels the honorary status of „V-EKS 2009“...

The blind and the seeing impared in Lithuania could look foreward to a new braille book with a description in braille of the „Mythological signs of Lithuania“ with expositions and above all a master class in the summer camp „Kurk Lietuvoje: Art Baltica 2010“ (Create in Lithuania: Baltic Art 2010) by the renowned and celebrated teacher Larisa Pavlova (St. Petersburg, Russia).

The deaf and hearing impared young people in Panevežys could rejoyce in the newly formed ensemble „Percussion of Silence“ (conducted by the director Danutė Kriščiūnienė). Now this ensemble gives the Lithuanian people moments of amazement and joy on TV broadcasts, and regional an local festivals.

There were some glimmers of light and words of hope in the disappointing moments that we constantly encountered while solving the problems in the non governemental sector.

We are grateful to Adriaan, that he made a great effort in forming the strategical NGO policy in Lithuania. We were lucky enough to broaden our activities beyond the border and to continue what we started in the Netherlands. We rejoyced in a new kindeling of the flame on the big stage: after 5 times major surgery and tough treatments Adriaan came back to the Male Choir and took an active part in the musical and social life. His big cosmopolitan heart was restless – again he started missions in Bosnia and Hercegovina, Serbia and Lithuania, planned projects, strategies and made other plans, spent more time with his loving family and his granddaughter, his extended family and close friends.

Encouraged by Adriaan I went back to the world of Classical Music. The „Requiem“ by Giuseppe Verdi which sounded in the concert halls of Breda and Tilburg, became an ironic freak of fate, as it were a dedication and a thank you from the heart for the road of sound, colour and charitative works that we went together.

While singing we commemorate Adriaan Johan Hendrik Korver as an indefatigable shining soul and erudite HUMAN BEING. About the most sincere things of life he often expressed his opinion in a mischievous way. He was an ideologic teacher, he admired the hidden inner light of the people he met and of nature – the playing of the light spectre by the sun. He constantly thanked the Most High for the inheritance and the new challenges that were bestowed upon him. Now we Lithuanians, those of us who remained in Lithuania and those of us who spreaded out throughout the world, bow our heads and thank him from the heart for his inheritance and for the priceless comrade, from whom it is impossible to seperate ourselves, but once we straightened our backs from the dificulties we lived through, we want to fly foreward, towards the light. The strenght of the past – this will continue to be the creed* of our cultural activities, but we together with the members of his family shall miss him very, very much, and we shall continue to miss him.

...Rest in peace and in the Eternal Light...

Translated by Monika Spijker
07-02-2013, Amsterdam
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