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  Martin A. Dege


Activities of the Public Institution Culture Artfact are related to social activities and integration of people into society through arts.

1) A new educationa series of exhibitions is started in 2006 – Professional Graphics of Lithuania for People with Eyesight Disability. During the exhibitions, pieces of graphic art will be made available to people with eyesight disabilities, who are unable to know, enjoy and use them in the usual way – by looking at them. More about...

  Integration of blind youth at the 2nd International Summer Art Academy ART BALTICA 2008
from 25th of July till 5th of August, 2008 (Siauliai district)

  Educational - social project "I’d like to be like them..." 2007 |2007-04-07|
Meetings with interesting, worldwide-acclaimed Lithuanian people, conversations and discussions about values, stamina, will, development of spiritual and physical strength. Join their forces!

  Graphic artists of Vilnius for people with visual disability 2006
Educational program: a series of exhibitions Professional Graphics for People with Eyesight Disability by inspirator Diana RAUDONIENE

  Exhibition EUROPEAN BIRTHDAY 2005
Pupils of Panevėžys Principal Boarding-School of the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing. Director of the school - Mrs.Danutė Krikščiūnienė

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