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Graphic artists of Vilnius for people with visual disability 2006

Educational program: a series of exhibitions Professional Graphics for People with Eyesight Disability by inspirator Diana RAUDONIENE

Exposition of clichés and imprints of Lithuanian graphic artists working with flax and wood carving techniques within a series of exhibitions. The series will consist of three exhibitions that will take place in the showroom of the Lithuanian library for the blind, on 7 - 30 September, 2006 in Vilnius.

During the exhibitions, pieces of graphic art will be made available to people with eyesight disabilities, who are unable to know, enjoy and use them in the usual way – by looking at them. The series of exhibitions is the initial stage of the continuous project Professional Graphics for People with Eyesight Disability.

The project is a new initiative inducing:

1) cooperation among artists (graphic artists) and members of certain groups of the society (the blind and people with eyesight disability):

2) application of old and new techniques for the creation of pieces of graphic art intended for seeing and touching:

3) development of new means intended for esthetical training, education and everyday life convenience.

Project Manager Dijana Raudonienė
Master of Vilnius Academy of Art, line of studies – Theories and critique of Art

PRESS RELEASE 29 August 2006, Vilnius
“Wood and linen. Graphic artists of Vilnius for people with visual disability”

PHOTO GALLERY of 7 September, 2006, Vilnius

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