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On 19 March 2010

\'\' On 19 March 2010, the President hosted a ceremony of awarding the Ambassadors of Kindness. The best initiatives intended to fight poverty and social exclusion were presented and the Ambassadors of Kindness that served as examples of helping other people were awarded: Ms. Deimantė Žebrauskaitė, the Manager of "Maisto bankas" (Food Bank), and the singers Veronika Pavilionienė and Gabrielius Liaudanskas-Svaras.

Guests were entertained with the sounds of music by the ward of NGO Culture Artfact – young talents of family ensembles: Ms. Raimonda Daunienė (violin), the founder and Art Director of the ensemble "Regnum Musicale", Kotryna Ugnė Daunytė (violin), Miglė Sakavičiūtė (harp) and Marius Sakavičius (cello). Ms. Odetė Abromavičiūtė, Director of the NGO Culture Artfact, delivered to Her Excellence the President Ms. Dalia Grybauskaitė some keepsakes including some tactile graphic works developed by the participants of the Festival CREATE IN LITHUANIA: Summer Art Academy ART BALTICA: "Field" (by a blind youngster Mindaugas Suchovėjus), "Hopping over a string" (by a blind young lady Loreta Taluntytė; art teacher – Mrs. Diana Raudonienė, doctoral student of Vilnius Academy of Art), and a collection of poems "Skambėjimas atskirai" (Sounding Apart) by Ieva Anelauskaitė, who lives in Norway.

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