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First try to promote Glass Arts in Lithuania

October 2, 2006, to Vilnius municipality.

The first tme idea to promote Glass Arts was presented to the 'Bank of Ideas' in Vilnius (Lithuania). This action was initiated by new office stuff of Public Institution Vilnius - European Capital of the city 2009 on December 2005.
Director Elona Bajorynienė.

Welcome partners of the realisation - UAB 'Glass Remis' (Panevezys)

Inspirator of Glass Arts and the possibilities - World famous glass artist Dale Chihuly (USA).
We are so pleased to inform you, that two fantastic photo albums was sent to NGO ''Culture Artfact'' in 2005.

If you would like to to have a look, don't hestitate to contact us in Vilnius:
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NGO 'Culture Artfact' 

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