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  Martin A. Dege

Vilnius – ECC 2009

International experts, people of culture, representatives of businesses, and organizers from various countries exchanged their experience.

“European Capital of Culture” program was launched by the Council of Ministers in 1985.

The nominated city is announced the European Capital of Culture for one year and acquires the exceptional opportunity to promote its local culture to the citizens of other EU member-states. In 2005, European Parliament decided that since 2009 new EU member-states should be included into the program. Each year two European cities will be awarded the status of the Capital of Culture.

2009 is an exceptional year for our country: we are taking part in the program European Capitals of Culture and celebrating the Millennium since the historical mention of Lithuania. It is expected that participation in the project will open the ways for cultural cooperation with other European countries; will unite various institutions and social groups for the achievement of a common goal; will induce development of high-quality international cultural projects and will bring vitality to cultural institutions.

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  Cultural Marketing Conference in Estonia – Source of Experience for Lithuania
Cultural marketing conference from the conference series “What is attractive culture?”

  Festival vision in the MIDEM (Cannes, France) & AICHI EXPO (Japan) 2005
In the 39th international music fair MIDEM 2005, which has taken place in Cannes (France) on January 23-27, in the joint stand of the Baltic countries Lithuania has for the first time presented its music industry. The new project Europos Parkas Festival has also been presented in the official stand of Lithuania.

  LINZ - partner of the Vilnius - European Culture Capital in 2009
Trip to the city Linz (Austria) was presented by "Culture ArtFact" sponsors in 2005. Sincerely Thank you so much for well wishing and kind support.

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