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  Martin A. Dege

Vilnius – ECC 2009    Participation in the projects    

Children Art Festival 2008

Children Art Festival: Myriads of “Stars” and Nice Weather

Children Art Festival, organised by Public Institution Vilnius - European Capital of Culture in 2009 and Lithuanian Children and Youth Centre, will start on 25 April in the Sereikiškės Park. The festival of creative expression and art activities of schoolchildren and youth will continue for three days in the Sereikiškės Park.

On the initiative of ecological culture guide OZONAS, art workshops for both children and adults will be arranged in this Parlour. In these workshops the unlovely or unfashionable items of furniture will be turned into new, arty and functional works of art. Ecological paint manufactured only from certified ecological, natural and renewable resources that can be easily obtained from nature will be used for furniture finish.

Unwanted furniture such as chairs, tables, chandeliers and carpets that were collected from people will be given second life and will turn into interactive items such as swings, rocking chairs or hammocks. Famous people and artists - Jurga, Aistė Pilvelytė, Vaidas Baumila, Julija Ritčik, Linas Adomaitis, singers Marius Danys and Giedrius Jonaitis – with children will invent new and attractive interior of the parlour using the collected furniture. The items of furniture restored to life will be given as presents to those who are in grave need. Furniture was decorated by NGO "Kultūros artelė" managing artists Mija Džeinara and her husband Ubartas and other. A duet of Linas Adomaitis and Hokshila will open their night concert in the other site of the Sereikiškės Park. The visitors will have an opportunity to watch the cartoons, pictures and sculpture park created during the festival. Children will exchange their craft works. After the laborious Saturday, the Fresh Air Parlour will invite everyone to rest and enjoy calm acoustic music, ecological snacks and drinks. More about...


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