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  Martin A. Dege

Culture Policy of LT

We unambiguously claim that it is still non-existent in Lithuania. The ice is melting, however, artists have become more organised, and Lithuanian authorities are making their first steps.

We hope that the scale of values will be revised, and that conditions and possibilities will be created for private enthusiasts of culture and citizen initiatives. Our friends, competitors and evil-minded people have offered us many times to emigrate from Lithuania, yet we will only do that if we hopelessly loose motivation to work due to unwillingness of people to see, hear and have fun together. Nobody can earn all the money in the world... So let us preserve at least something that is sacred and dear to many of us.

We are not used to quiet waiting for remuneration, trying to maintain the workplace and getting social guarantees. We are not trying to overturn the world and, as long as fatal forces of nature let us, we are sincerely trying to do what we can do best. To work for the benefit of people, and not to fill up our purse, to preserve humanity, contribute to formation of the culture policy of a new generation – this is our inner and civil duty.

Culture Artfact also offers intellectual services, most brilliant ideas, enormous efforts and youthful energy, hoping that all of that will become the reality with the help of project developers and their professional partners. Therefore, we lay our hopes on the State authorities and businesses, and hope to catch the attention of philanthropists.

We welcome the steps of the Ministry of Culture of Lithuania along the way to The Dialog of Business and Art. For findings on surveys concerning charity and philanthropy issues in Lithuania go to (Lithuanian text only).

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