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  Martin A. Dege

Stichting smARTroots    

Who we are?



Our organisation’s motto is "PS":
Past strengths –– Praeities stiprybė –– Verleden versterkt.

The Stichting “smARTroots” was established in Rotterdam on 11-11-2010.
We started our activities on 11-11-2011.

Our foundation provides non formal adult education in the field of culture and arts among Lithuanians as well as migrants of other nationalities. We focus on cultural identity tourism programs for foreign art groups/ensembles, education, art management services for Baltic performers and artists in the Netherlands, with a unique focus on young talents with eyesight and hearing disabilities from Lithuania.

The guidance is based on each individual's own way of expressing themselves and with the purpose of supporting their self-confidence in the value of their own mode of expression. The activities are held in a supporting atmosphere, where there is an emphasis on harmony and tolerance between the participants, by pointing out the qualities of each person and their creative work. In this way we strive to broaden their minds to accept and value other people's dissimilarity and to show each other recognition and respect. Our activities are held for people with and without special needs in an integrated approach. We give examples of how to tell a story, narrate a myth or a timeless saga or involve our participants in traditional Lithuanian and Dutch handcrafts.


De stichting “smARTroots” heeft ten doel het promoten van sociale, educatieve, toeristische en andere soortgelijke activiteiten op het gebied van de cultuur van de Baltische zeeregio in het algemeen en Litouwen, Letland en Estland in het bijzonder.

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