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  Martin A. Dege

Stichting smARTroots    

What we do?


• we organize:
  traditional International program “Art Baltica” (started in Lithuania by NGO "Kultūros artelė") including: artists
  management, masterclasses, workshops, concerts, exhibitions, symposiums, training courses, forums,
  discussions etc.

• we teach and pass on our experience to the participating group of people;

• we promote cultural identity and national traditions;

• we create advertisement, social media networks and new crafts;

• we develop International cultural exchange, tourism programs;

• we provide non-formal adult education in the field of culture identity and arts among Lithuanians as well
  as migrants of other nationalities, youth with eyesight or hearing disabilities;

• we create partnerships in International and EU programs (Grundtvig Lifelong learning partnerships);

• we engage in fundraising (developing professional skills in cultural economy).
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