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GRUNDTVIG Learning Partnerships (IS)

3rd meeting in the Iceland on 10.06.2013 - 14.06.2013

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Learning partnerships project

Partner meeting in the Iceland.
"Inspired by nature and folk tales"

10 - 14 June, 2013



Association of Lithuanians in Reykjavik

10 June, 2013 (Monday)
Árkvörn 6, 110 Reykjavik (Map)

09:30   Meeting at Artnsskoli primary school , where the children are learning handcrafts in after school group.
           Introducing the meeting program activities, introducing host organization activities;
           Presentation of IS-LT vocabulary.
10:00   Let´s try to knit in the icelandic ways.
10.30   Coffee break
11.00   Knitting icelandic sweater
12:00   Lunch break
13:30   Icelandic woolen sweater is turning into icelandic elfs
16.30   Free time

11 June, 2013 (Thuesday)
Árkvörn 6, 110 Reykjavik

9:30     Meeting at Artunsskoli. Learning more about Icelandic wool and different ways of handling it.
            Icelandic wool colored in natural ways. Going to Grendarskog forest and learning to dye wool under
            supervision of Mrs Anna Skuladottir. Coffee breaks taken while working
18:00   Finishing and returning back to school.

12 June, 2013 (Wenesday)
Kistuhylur, 110 Reykjavík (Map)

10:00   Meeting at open air musem Árbæjarsafn;
            Excursion. Learning about crafts and materials in old days in Iceland.
12:30   Lunch break
13:30   Visiting private companies and galleries in town and discussing with the successful owners.
17:00   Reflections of the day. Free time

13 June, 2013 (Thursday)
Álafossvegur 23 , 270 Mosfellsbær (Map)

10:00   Visiting Alafoss wool processing factory and talking to the owners
12:00   Lunch break
13:00   Visiting the center where handicap people make and sell their handcrafts.
14:00   Visiting Alafoss factory outlet (where they sell woolen products handmade by private people)
16:00   Returning back to Reykjavik. Reflections of the day.

14 June, 2013 (Friday)
Hellisgerði, 220 Hafnarfjörður

10:00   What do you know about icelandic elfs? Try to find them and make a photo.
            Group work in different places in town. Getting ready for presentations.
            Lunch and coffee breaks taken when needed.
13:00   Inspired by folk tales. How had icelandic Elfs changed my life. Visiting Álfagarðurinn.
16:00   Meeting at Idnskolinn. (Iðnskólinn í Hafnarfirði) Flatahraun 12.
            Reflections and evaluation of the meeting. My best photo and footprints of elves in Iceland.
            Group presentations.
            Professional photographer shares his ideas about taking good photographs.
18:00   Free time. Grilling icelandic lamb meat and discussing mystique inhabitants in Iceland and
            participating countries. Maybe some of them will visit us late at night?

P.S.     If the weather allows, we plan to grill icelandic lamb outside (in the Heiðmork park) and share the costs.
           If the weather is not so good, we will have dinner together at a local restaurant. Project meeting evaluation.

1. Odetė Abromavičiūtė
2. Edmunda Čepytė
3. Ligita van Dijkhuizen Pučėtaitė
4. Evelina Kvartūnaitė
5. Daniel Stijns


ICELAND: Inspired by nature and Icelandic elves | 10.06.2013-14.06.2013
June 20, 2013

3rd Partners´meeting ‘Inspired by nature and Icelandic elves ’ was held in 10.06.2013 - 14.06.2013. While talking to old Icelandic ladies about elves,trolls and other ‘spirits’ surrounding us, partners learned not only to use the main words and phrases in Icelandic, but also learned how to dye Icelandic wool using only natural ingredients - tree leaves and red root beets. They also learned a lot about Icelandic wool in Álafoss factory and Þingborg, and tried to knit a sweater in Icelandic way.The sweater suddenly turned into an elf! Visiting national museum Árbæjarsafn,famous Icelandic artist Steinunn Marteinsdóttir í Hulduhólumm, talking to the owners of Minna Mosfell guesthouse, who have elves stone in the farm and listening to the tales told by Ragnhildur in Alfaborg made the participants to believe that everything what people do in Iceland is inspired by old tradition sand different spirits living together with people. Professional photographer Jonas Danielevicius led the workshop ‘Footprints of elves in Icelandic nature’.Partners from Lithuania, the Netherlands, Portugal and Germany presented their homework "Spirits and other ‘creatures’ living in my country". Exhibition of Sunday School children's drawings of Icelandic elves and photo exhibition washeld at Idnskolinn í Hafnarfirdi.

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