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No 2 | 2013 smARTroots

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Learning partnerships project: 2012-1-LT1-1Gru06-07164-4
"Intercultural Integration: Arts, crafts and traditions"


Grundtvig Newsletter LT and NL by Ernesta Žukauskaitė (in English)
                                                        by Monika Spijker (in Dutch coming soon)

The 2nd partners´meeting got a creative name based on the activities held during five days: “Tulip: Zoom! Boom! Bloom!” (all about tulips and traditions) in the Netherlands. Meeting was held from 01.04.2013 til 05.04.2013. Each day has a creative name, based on the activities:

\'\' “Tulip Folk Boom on Monday”
: The partners met at the private Dutch artist´s Mrs W. van den Grinten-Helderman’s home, where surrounded by Dutch spirit of local arts, sculptures and music, listened stories about Dutch traditions, expressions of the Dutch language, descriptions. From local Dutch teacher Drs. Monika Spijker they learned how to pronounce some of the most used expressions and words in Dutch language. Vocabulary of most popular Dutch expressions you can find there.

“Tulip Zoom on Tuesday”:
Because of cold and very late spring (wasn’t reason to do workshop in Keunkenhof with no flowers there), an educational workshop and practice “Light in the landscape”, “Portraits of tulips” and Dutch practices was held in several places in around/in Amsterdam.

\'\' “Clogs Boom on Wednesday”: A traditional Dutch workshop was taken at new urban place “Post--office” in Rotterdam. All the participants learned about "Wood carved decorations for the houses, Dutch clogs, old and traditional symbols, paintings and technique of decorating clogs by local Dutch artist Mr Jos Greeve and Lithuanian painter Mr Virginijus Kašinskas (workshop “Creativity according to the national landscape”). Partners presented their homework ‘Tulips as a symbol in traditional Lithuanian, Icelandic, Portuguese and German, Dutch handcrafts" (NL presentation on 03.04.2013). Among of the participants there were 8 people with special needs and their group leaders from, from South Holland region. Participants were exited to know more about the folk art symbols, ornaments. It was such a great experience with practical possibility to compare the same symbols by Dutch and by Lithuanian cultures.

\'\'“Moving Bloom on Thursday”: Meeting local textile artist and workshop organizer from Simonshaven. Few days before project, our project partner had small car accident, but we were lucky to meet her and discussed about her living style and her workshops. During “Inspiration and transformation by art crafts” participants learned to keep going on developing inner/personal identity. Photography team competition: “Lithuania in The Netherlands” (woodcarving decorations of the Dutch houses, landscape in South Holland).

\'\' “Invention Bloom on Friday”: Lunch for the whole “smARTroots” working team and volunteers was organized at the café “Blossom” (10 people) in Hague. The final exhibition was held in the Lithuanian Embassy in The Hague with the participation of Ambassador H.E. Darius Semaška, the staff of the embassy, the younger generation and migrant’s children with their parents, volunteers and members from the Lithuanian community in the Netherlands. The exhibition was followed by a concert of lithuanian singer Rugilė Daujotaitė ( and Portuguese performers Rafael Fraga ( living in the Netherlands. They presented a unique selection of original music with Portuguese, Lithuanian folk and Brazilian and jazz music influences. Around 50 people participated in the activities. The project was presented to the association members of Lithuanian community and guests during Easter celebration in De Meern and local private and NGO’s around South Holland. Around 100 people participated. After the meeting the participating members from the Stichting “smARTroots” introduced and presented the project activities online and various events, meetings and etc.  More about you can find in projects' brochure (pdf).



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Art Baltica: clogs was born in dutch and lithuanian hands 2014

Klumpės: duonelei su sviestu arba kelionės bilietui namo Aurimas Kuckailis, 2014.09.15 21:35

Art Baltica: Klumpės gimsta olandų ir lietuvių rankose 2013.

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