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No 1 | 2013 smARTroots

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Learning partnerships project:
"Intercultural Integration: Arts, crafts and traditions"


Honouring the dead can be beautiful
29.10.2012 to 02.11.2012

Grundtvig-Lithuania-Newsletter (pdf) by Ernesta Žukauskaitė

The first partners' meeting in Lithuania.

Project coordinator: Vilijampoles dailės centras | Lithuania
Responsible person: Mrs. Dainė Rinkevičiūtė
Project partners:
* Associação Lituana em Portugal | Portugal
* Stichting smARTroots | The Netherlands
* Europaisches Litauisches Kulturzentrum in Deutschland (ELKC) e.V. | Germany
* Félag Litháa í Reykjavík | Iceland

The 1st Partners´meeting in Lithuania were held on 29.10.2012 - 02.11.2012. The Grundtvig partnership project “Intercultural Integration: arts, crafts and traditions” started in Lithuania, where partners from five participating countries most of them first met in person and discussed the future meeting and project development issues. The topic of this meeting, "Traditions and legends about life and death in Lithuania and countries of migration", which lasted from 29.10.2012 to 02.11.2012, was related to life and death traditions, and the activities were held during the week of one of the deeply traditional in Lithuanian culture the Day of the Dead (31th of October) and the All Saints’ Day (1st of November).

The participants listened to the lecture by the Lithuanian lecturer prof. Libertas Klimka about Lithuanian life and death traditions and its historical, ethnological facts. The lecture received huge interest from the listeners for it’s interesting and unknown facts. L. Klimka is a physicist, natural sciences professor, ethnographer, historian, Vilnius Pedagogical University professor, and a pioneer in Lithuania in a new interdisciplinary branches of science - and paleoastronomy and Ethnocosmology.

The participants also presented their homework about the same traditions in the countries they live: Iceland, Germany, Portugal, and the Netherlands.

The workshop ‘The tales of leather’ was organized in the national museum of the Applied Art in Vilnius, as the year 2012 was the year of museums in Lithuania. It invited the participants to try out a technique of stitching leather by hand, like it was done hundreds of years ago. The teacher is explaining all the leather cutting and stitching techniques necessary for this workshop ‘The tales of leather’ (Step 1: to fix the leather to the wooden board. Step 2: to make holes for the thread to pass (‘The tales of leather’ workshop). A participants were concentrated to finish their crafts like leather bags properly).

The educational workshops were held in different places in Lithuania preparing for the photography competition “All Saints’ day in Lithuania”. The photography competition-exhibition at the end was organized in the city of Kaunas, in Fluxus ministerija, which presented the best photography works of the participants with interesting images of Lithuanian cemeteries and graveyards lit by millions of candle lights and flowers, which people traditionally put on the graves of their deceased family members on this day. The top photos of NL group "Urban Kaunas and Vėlinės" you can look there. Total 32 people participated in the activities.

The results of the project planned to achieve during 2 years:
1. CD of best photo shot examples
2. Web page:
3. Vocabulary in 5 languages of most used expressions
4. Brochure about similarities and differences between the traditions of five participating countries, illustrated by children of Lithuanian Sunday schools in countries of migration.

The Facebook closed group “IntAct” was created, referring “International + Arts + Crafts + Traditions”.
After searching for the best available domain option, the project website was created with a name , referring to “Project + Arts + Crafts + Traditions”, and also “Europe”, as this is a European project

Vocabulary EN - LT for meeting in Lithuania.

After the meeting participating members from the Stichting “smARTroots” introduced the project activity to the guests, governmental organizations (NGO) in Lithuania, during winter period in Lithuanian Embassy and local cultural communities, NGO’s in South Holland. Around 100 people participated More about...

Presentation by Stichting "smARTroots"

About celebrations of the Death in NL

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